December 7, 2007

Ten tips for happiness!

( This post was originally published as an article in the online magazine The MAG)

Happiness, they say, is a state of mind and they are right. All of us are looking for happiness in our lives, but only a lucky few are able to find it. Here are a few tips that can get you on the right track in your search for that happy feeling.

Live life as if today is your last day.

2. Be creative. Do something creative with your time. Draw, paint, write, sculpt...bake, anything. There is great joy in the process of creating anything and great satisfaction in looking at the end result.

3. Socialise. Make friends, plan evenings out with them, invite them for dinner or an evening snack. Having people around you will get the negativity out of your life and help you focus on the positive things.

4. Change. Do you feel that life has become a routine? You wake up at the same time every day, go to work, come back and go to bed? It's time for a little change. Change your routine so that you don't feel that life is a drag. For example if you are always busy and have no time for yourself even on Sunday's, take a break and just sleep in one Sunday morning. If you are used to sleeping in, then get up early one day and do something. You are sure to feel better.

5. Old friends and relatives. Call an old friend or a relative that you have not talked to for a long time. They want to hear from you and you know that you want to talk to them about the good old times.

6. Help others. Start your day by helping others become happy. Don't honk your horn at the car ahead of you, help someone in distress, anything that you get a chance to do. Someone will be having a better day because of you, and so will you.

7. Enjoy nature. Nature has many gifts to bestow on humans, but we get so busy with our lives that we often ignore them completely. So, stop for a moment and take a deep breath, smell the flowers, look at the stars and feel the blessings of Mother Nature.

8. Don't procrastinate. The right time to do anything is now. If you are thinking about it, why not just get it done and over with? You will have one less thing to worry about.

9. Love thy Neighbor. Stop worrying about your neighbour getting a new car, or the neighbour's child doing well or anything that your neighbour or friend might be doing. Just be nice to them and have good relations with them, and focus on your own life and family.

10. Say no! Do you find yourself accepting more responsibility and work then you are ready for or have the time for. If the answer is yes, then it is time you started saying no. Be there for others , but keep some time for yourself too!


Sandy Carlson said...

Great list! Thanks, Neo!

Sue said...

These are great tips! Definitely learning to say "no" on occasion was difficult for me, but through the years I have learned how to do it. Hope you are having a goodly Sunday, and I'll be back later to see if you have a BYB entry online. :)


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