December 5, 2007

How would you feel?

Yesterday, I came home to find a letter in the mail for me. It was from my bank, but it was not something I was expecting. The name was mine, but the address was a bit different from what I have given to the bank. So, I was a bit surprised.

Then I read the letter, and discovered that the letter was not meant for me, but for someone else.

That came as an even greater shock. It meant that there is someone who lives somewhere very close to me, and has the same first name, and last name as me.

In a world where each one of us tries to be unique, and stand out, I was a bit disappointed to know that there was some one with my name living right next to me. Who is to say how many others there are in the town, in the state, in the country, in the world. I feel so commonplace. Maybe, I should go ahead and change my name.

Though I do know a few people with the same first name as me, but this was the first time I came across someone with the same first and last name as me. Do you know someone like that...and how do you feel about it?


Sandy Carlson said...

Creepy, Neo, very creepy!

My mother and I have about the same name (her first name is actually Sandra). I feel honored to share her name. I like the subtle difference because it makes us different at the same time.

My name's pretty common. In fact, there's a Sandy Carlson club on the Internet. That creeps me out a little too much, so I don't go near it.

Two years ago, a person with a Google email account with my name started receiving my emails and sending nasty notes to my family over my name and interrupting some work I did. Turns out it was a woman I knew who was just out to make trouble--and she did. She was a sick person, a freak, to say the least.

I think you should call the bank and tell them you want to do something to change your account info to avoid these problems. Who says the other guy doesn't have your mail. Maybe you could use a first initial on your accounts or some variation on your name?

Blue Panther said...

Sandy: A Sandy Carlson club- That beats everything!

Sorry to hear about your experience with the email thing.I hope it is a thing of the past now.

Paulie said...

Well, I have a brother in law named Pat and a grandson named Pat and both have the same last name. At one time, they both lived in the same town. My ex had a cousin with same name as his but ex had a middle name whereas the cousin didn't. They were the same age too.My dad was named after his dad and the middle initial was different only.

Now, I looked up my name in Google and there are lots of people with my first and last name -- not my nickname Paulie tho.

Hope the double identity doesn't cause problems for you.

Alden said...

I have an unusual name. If you google it, the only other person who had it fought in the US civil war! :)

Blue Panther said...

Paulie: That is a lot of same names! :)

Alden: Lucky you!

stev said...

my name smacks right in between common and uncommon

i know i can find my name in the history books tho XD

Sandy Carlson said...

Just checking back to see if you decided what to do.

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