January 13, 2008

BYBS : Electricity

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The modern life has brought with it many conveniences. We have the computer, the television, the mobile phone, the music system, the room heater, the digital camera etc. etc. One thing that is common to many, if not all, of these things is that they are all powered by electricity.

Should the power be gone for even an hour, I am sure, most of us feel like we have lost a major appendage. And if for some reason the power is out for a whole day, a lot many of us would be pushed to the edge of sanity. Electricity, which we take for granted these days, is a huge blessing.

Living in the hills, where it can get quite cold in the winters, Electricity is not just a luxury, but a necessity. It was not always so. Earlier - about seven to ten years back - there were alternate arrangements like using wood and coal, that could be made to heat up a room. But as time passed and systems improved people began to depend entirely on Electricity.

One thing that added to people using electricity more was that it was said that burning wood and coal was hurting the environment. Which is true, but since most generation of electricity still happens by burning coal or by using some nuclear material, environment still gets hurt when we use Electricity.

So, like most blessings, we should use this one with care too.

One thing that most of us can do to save electricity is switch to CFL ( compact fluorescent lamp). Though the initial cost of a CFL might be higher than an ordinary bulb, yet in the long run, it becomes economical as it uses less energy and has a longer life.

The other obvious way to save Electricity is to switch off any appliance that you are not using. We don't usually pay attention to such little things , but we should because energy in any form should be conserved. And doing that is the only way to ensure that we hand over a cleaner, greener planet to the next generation.

Have a great week ahead!


Sandy Carlson said...

Neo, whenever we lose electricity, we realize in a matter of seconds how much we depend on it! The refrigerator, lighting, plumbing, work itself all depend on that great resource. I am fast becoming a one-bulb woman, turning off all but necessary lights and unplugging appliances that use stand-by electricity for no good reason.

Thanks for this post and the good tips.

hotdogman said...

Genesis 1: 3,4

And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness.

He didn't mention CFC bulbs, but I'm sure He approves!

Happy BYBS

Lynn said...

Energy conservation, electricity most especially, is I think always in the top five priorities of any household and any company. Elec bills have shoot up like crazy. It's a good thing from where I am, everyone cooperates in the scheduled fire up/fire down of lights, computers, etcetera.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Another tip: Put your computer, monitor, and printer on a power bar and shut off the power bar once all the equipment is off. Computers and monitors draw power continuously through "standby" modes and over time, that power drain is quite extensive.

Anyway, much of us in North America, in 2003, went without power when a mass blackout hit. Sue and I "did without" for four days solid in the middle of the summer... the biggest complaint was the lost food from the fridge and freezer. Doing without computers and televisions and whatnot was not the worst part, oddly enough... it was actually not that bad and was a nice rest from technology.

Granted, ask me how I might have done if I had to go a month! :)

Paulie said...

Very well written essay and important for all of us to remember.

CyberCelt said...

Why, neo, I think you are turning a bit green.

The next energy saver is using LEDs for lighting. If you wish, you may find out more here:
LED on Endangered Spaces blog

Have a great week.

Whatever said...

Less electricity == less money spent on your utility bill :-)

Garden Gnome said...

Excellent points!

Blue Panther said...

Sandy: We only realise the importance of something when we have lost it. Don't we?

HotDogMan: Happy BYBS to you too!

Lynn: I agree!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy: That is another great tip!

Paulie: Yeap!

CyberCelt: I might be turning a bit green. I hope that's not a bad thing. :o)

Whatever: That's another advantage of switching off something.

(Jim &) Brandy Brow said...

Great reminder to be thankful for electricity. Thanks.

Cybercelt, I'm deeply sorry for blowing up at you on my blog when you were doing nothing but a kind thing in posting a comment on BYB Sunday to encourage me to BYB. I'm usually able to control myself when I'm struggling, but was in such a terrible state last week that I had lost all restraint. Even though I could pull several excuses out of my woe-is-me hat, none would justify the anger I flared at you. I was wrong and hurtful to your unsuspecting soul. Will you please forgive me???

I also apologized to you in my comments on that post you last commented on so everyone would know I was wrong and you were upright in everything. And I also did so publicly in my BYB post yesterday. But I needed to come here to do it in e-person. I'm very sorry.

Thanks for weathering my storm with grace. I admire you for that and hope no one ever again flings crap at you online like I did last week.

Peace to you in return ~

Blue Panther said...

(Jim) & Brandy Brow: It is good to see that you have come forward to accept responsibility for what you said.

And knowing CyberCelt, I am sure she will forgive you. (And I think that clears the fact that I am not her.)

(Jim &) Brandy Brow said...

Yes, BP. Thanks for clearing that up. How embarrassing.

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