January 14, 2008

A New Dawn...

Lying on his deathbed, he looked around. Everyone he loved, or cared about, was there. His life was a life well lived.

Or was it?

All his life, he had run after things that others said he could never have. In the beginning people laughed at him for trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But his perseverance and determination had helped him get most things that he had wanted. The mouths that laughed at him earlier, now opened wide in his praise.

Yet, his desires never let him stop. From one goal to another, his entire life was devoted to pursuit of tangible things, things that he thought would satisfy him. But he was never satisfied. All that he achieved only served as fodder for future dreams and aspirations. He was tired, but he could never stop. Everyone expected so much from him. He could not fail others. More importantly, he did not want others to think that he was a failure. Sometimes, he felt that no one cared if he failed or succeeded, yet he was never willing to take that chance.

Now, on his deathbed, he suddenly felt that his life was spent in vain. In order to achieve his targets, he had forgotten to live his life. He felt he had lived his life like a machine, programmed to do certain things. Those things he had done well, but what he had missed out on were the things that made him human. He felt desperate, and wanted to scream. He would do anything to get one chance to live his life all over again...

...And then he woke up. The rays of a new sun were streaming in through the window, and his eyes were shining bright with a different kind of awareness.

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