January 6, 2008

BYBS : Lots of Things

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Once again I am late in posting my BYB Sunday post. But, this time I have a genuine excuse for being late. Since Friday afternoon, and until just now, I have not been near a computer or the Internet. I was out of town and reached home not long ago. Since, I hadn't had any proper rest in the last two days, my first impulse was to skip BYB this week but then, as usually happens with me, I changed my mind and decided not to skip it.

This week has been about more blessings than just one. But the reason for that could be simply that if you look hard enough an act as simple as that of breathing is a blessing. If you stop breathing, you stop living. So, breathing, by itself, could be said to be a great blessing.

On the same lines, this first week of 2008 has been pretty good for me. The smaller resolutions that I have made in order to achieve my main resolution have been kept till now, and there does not seem to be any urge on my part to break them...at least not yet.

The on the spur of the moment decision of taking a break from work and routine life and actually going out of town on Friday was another blessing.

And, the greatest blessing of all was the purpose and the place of my visit.

A very good friend of mine called up to ask if I would be interested in going to The Vaishno Devi Temple with him,

It is believed that one might plan and plan on going to the temple, but if Mata Vaishno doesn't want you there, you will never be able to go there. And, if the Mother wills you to come there, you will go there without making the least of plans.

So, when my friend called me out of the blue, I grabbed my chance and agreed to go with him to The Holy Shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi. It was the second time I was going there and, like the first time, it was a memorable experience. There is a 14 kilometer uphill trek from Katra (the place where the vehicles drop you) to Bhairon Ghati (the last point of the trek).

The last time I went to Vaishno Devi, I missed a few things, but this time, on my friend's insistence, we took our time and tried not to miss anything. And that was also turned out to be a great blessing.

2008, thus, has had a great and an auspicious start for me, and I hope that it has been the same for all of you. I hope and wish that it continues to be so for the rest of the year. Wishing all of you a great Year ahead!


Paulie said...

I am glad I came back! That was a very interesting read. It is indeed a blessing to have special opportunities like you did. Were you able to take photos? Come visit mine for this week.

I also have a problem with the blogroll because it shows my last post as sometime in December and I post everyday and had my BYB post on right after midnight.

Whatever said...

For me, that I post a BYBS at all is an achievement --- the word "Sunday" is more of what you might call...a guideline :-)

Invisible Blogger said...

I should be blogging blessings too. Shame on me.. I complained today LOL

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