February 10, 2008

BYBS : Policemen

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When one thinks of a policeman, the image that immediately comes to mind is of a mean, well fed , stick carrying man terrorising the roadside shop keepers - and anyone else he thinks might get scared of him - in the hope of making a quick buck by the side.

Though there might be some like that, yet the majority is of those who are doing their duties selflessly, and for a pay that is barely enough to take care of their needs and those of their families at home. These policemen are a great blessing to the society.

They ensure that the laws, that have been made in the better interests of the society as a whole, are upheld. Most of us sometimes tend to break the rules. We follow the rules most of the times and if we break it once in a blue moon, it should not be a big deal? Right?

But, what we forget is that if everyone starts to act that way, then someone will be breaking a rule somewhere at all times. And when that happens we are quick to blame the inefficiency of the police. It is indeed the job of the police to ensure that lawlessness does not prevail in the society. At the same time it is the job of each one of us, I feel, to ensure that we - and our friends - don't indulge in law breaking.

I am most impressed by the policemen on holidays and other national holidays. When everyone is winding down or partying or having fun, the policeman is patrolling the streets making sure that the nothing untoward happens.

So, in this post today I salute the policeman, who is nameless, yet without whom our life would not be what it is!


Paulie said...

Absolutely! We couldn't live without them! We need to realize what a blessing they really are even if a crime doesn't affect us personally, it does community wise.

Sandy Carlson said...

That's a good one, Neo. I wonder how police feel to take guff from people who just don't want speeding tickets and the like. My heart jumps every time a police patrol car speeds by with the lights and sirens going. I pray for them and whoever is in desperate need of help--and getting that help.

Happy BYB Sunday.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

I had a "hard core punk" friend who HATED police and had more than his unfair share of run-ins with them... Granted, he kind of invited these as he'd goad the police officers mercilessly... and then, one day, while listening to him rant, I simply turned and said... Next time you see a cop you hate, walk up to him... approach him nicely and ask him if someone pulled a gun out and started shooting willy-nilly, would he take a bullet for you? Would he protect you? He already knew the answer... and is now, as an adult, a sergeant in the military.

People take police for granted... and it's nice to see them recognized.

Sue said...

Our cops are tops!!! Happy BYB Sunday :)

Whatever said...

I have to agree that a person who tries to uphold the truth tempered by love and empathy, what I think of as justice, is a hero and a blessing indeed.

Just like everyone else, however, policemen are human beings, with all their strengths and weaknesses. If an organization makes it clear that loyalty to the organization, the superiors, etc. is more important than those ideals, I think we run into trouble.

Kuanyin said...

Whenever I drive by a policeman directing traffic in the hot Maui sun and see their black uniforms, I send them a blessing because you know they gotta be hot! What great blessings they bring to us in so many ways!

stev said...

well its human to complain when things go wrong & forgot all the good thats done


your earthy thoughts of a blessing intrigues ;)

Joel said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by.

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