February 8, 2008

Caught, Finally!

About a fortnight ago, a kidney transplant racket was unearthed in Gurgaon, near Delhi. A manhunt was immediately launched to catch Amit Kumar, the main accused in the racket.

But depite all precautions, the man managed to escape the country and an Interpol red corner notice was issued against him. It was believed that he was in Canada.

Finally, he was caught in a forest resort in Nepal where he is said to have arrived from Canada. The receptionist - at the hotel he was staying- noticed that Amit Kumar had cut out a news paper report of the kidney racket, and he called the police.

In the TV reports Amit Kumar could be seen loudly claiming that he is an innocent man, and that he will prove himself innocent in the court. When asked about his attempts at evading arrest, he simply said that he was only trying to protect himself.

Indian police has wanted to question Amit Kumar for a long time now as there are various interesting aspects to his case. Amit Kumar is a doctor but he is not qualified enough to perform surgery, and yet he lured poor labourers into selling their kidneys for upto $ 2500. The buyers were usually rich Indians, or foreigners, in need of a kidney.

Amit Kumar has also starred in a couple of B-grade Hindi movies and owns the distribution right to several other B-grade movies. The police will be looking into that aspect of the case too.

When he was caught he had $ 145, 000 on him. Also, he is said to have assets worth Rs. 1000 crore. Investigating agencies will look into the sources of his wealth, and that could unearth some other rackets.

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