February 6, 2008

How is the weather?

The weather plays a greater role on our moods than we give it credit for. A bright sunny morning cheers you up as soon as you step out of the house. A cold, cloudy, dreary morning can dampen the best of spirits.

It is this latter kind of weather that we have been having for the last week or so. Getting out of bed every morning is a big ask; getting ready for work is torture. This kind of weather was usually associated with the months of December and January and when those months passed, everyone (me included) was complaining about how this year we had no snow at all.

The weather Gods, then, decided to answer the prayers of the people of our town, and we have had only rain, snow and clouds for the last two weeks or so. But, as human nature is, now people (me included) are wishing for winter to be over and spring to arrive.


Sandy Carlson said...

Your photo is beautiful, Neo! We too have had the weather that pushes people indoors. It's kind of nice through the window!

otilius said...

Cool, but how are the monkeys doing in the snow?

mauritius-holiday said...

your blog is cool

Garden Gnome said...

What a gorgeous picture! I love the grey tones. Winter tends to be long towards the end but as the sun gradually chases the greyness away spirits lift.

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