March 30, 2008

BYBS : A litle more time

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I strongly believe that one who wants to do something will find a way, and who doesn't will find an excuse. But sometimes, however hard one might try, one might not be able to do what one wants. And that is what happened with me...

I had some assignments to submit for a course I am pursuing. I procrastinated doing them till the very last date, and then, when I got down to doing them, I realised I had waited too long. They needed more time than I had thought they would.

It wouldn't have meant much, if this time would not have been my last chance to submit the assignments. So, naturally, I panicked.

But, I had made another mistake.

This time it was a fortunate mistake. When I went to the institute to meet my advisor (to beg, borrow, or steal a little more time), I found out that I had made another mis-calculation. The last date for submitting the assignments was still a few days away. It was a HUGE relief to know that.

Now, I need to make sure that this time I don't wait till the last date, but finish my assignments well in time. Whoever said something about a stitch in time saving nine, surely knew what he was talking about.


Whatever said...

The term I would use in that situation is "reprieve," as in a stay of execution :-) The trick for me was getting myself to actually use the time instead of watching "Gilligan" (wait, the one with the vampires is on? No, that one stunk, but next to studying or doing classwork it holds a strange fascination...)

SandyCarlson said...

Good luck with your work! Happy BYB Sunday.

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