March 9, 2008

BYBS : Physical Labour

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Saturday and Sunday were spent away from town. I went for a visit to my ancestral village, which though not too far from where I live, is not a place I get to visit as often as I would like to. Especially, because I get to see my grandmother when I go there.

Visiting the village is, therefore, always a great blessing by itself!

We also have a small apple orchard in the village, and this time there was some work to be done at the orchard. We were a little short of men, as a few men who were supposed to be there didn't show up. Since we had only a day and a half in which the work was to be done, I finally decided to get down and dirty myself.

As a result, I am tired and sore now (Sunday night), but I think there were many things that I realised (or was reminded of) in the last two days. Here are a few of them :

  • Manual physical work is really hard work. LOL, it didn't take long for me to realise that.
  • The modern life (sedentary life style, with little physical activity) is not the best, if you are planning to get involved in some actual physical work in the near future. Even if you work out one hour every day, you are really not prepared for one day's hard work under the sun!
  • One hour seems much longer "out there" than when you are sitting in your office. The first day I was out in the orchard I was sure my wrist watch had stopped working when I checked my watch, after what seemed to me an eternity, and found that it was only 11:15. Still two hours and fifteen minutes to lunch.
  • You eat well, you drink well and you sleep great after a day's hard work. I did.
  • At the end of the day, hard work feels good...really good!

The last two days were a real blessing. Hope you had a great weekend, and have a better week ahead.


Paulie said...

Don't forget the blessings from all that fruit whether you or relatives get to eat it or someone enjoys the monetary blessing of the ripened fruit. Hope you got to take a sampling home with you!

Going home is a double blessing!

cybercelt said...

I have been working outdoors by choice. There is something primal when we are dripping sweat and covered in dirt. I do not like to exercise, so I am landscaping my yard.

The Mama Bear said...

You know this is a good reminder and lesson for all. This week was one of ups and downs but that is also life.
Our blessing may be arriving in disguise...

Daisy said...

I had a terrible weekend, so it's lovely to hear about yours.

All things must pass. :)

Whatever said...

You also didn't have to work out that day :-)

stev said...

definitely sounds like a wonderful time

there's nowhere like home

and physical enjoyable hardwork sure does build up a great appetite =)

SandyCarlson said...

I missed this last week! What a great opportunity. As spring approaches, it's nice to get outside and enjoy the smell and touch of the earth.

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