March 5, 2008

Life is like a white sheet

Bad habits usually sneak in upon us. By the time we realize that we have developed a bad habit, it is too late to get rid of the habit easily. It takes quite an effort to get rid of it.

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking, drinking or gambling knows what I mean. And long after one has quit, there still remains a strong chance of a relapse.

But, let us say, a person has no bad habits, or has got rid of any bad habits that he had. So, this person feels that he has a right to a better deal in life because he does nothing wrong. Sounds quite fair too, no?

I think not. Merely not doing anything wrong is not enough. It is also important to do something right.

If one does not do anything wrong, nor anything right, he is merely wasting the time he has been given on this earth, So, it is important that you do something, and do it right.

Another thing that is a bit strange is that as you begin to do things the right way, living seems to become a little harder.

Life is, I feel, like a white sheet. Bad habits are like spots on the sheet. If you have many bad habits, you have a dirty sheet, and on that spotted sheet, the smaller bad habits get ignored as the major spots become the centre of attention. But as you get rid of the major spots, the smaller spots seem just as bad or even worse. So, the cleaner your sheet gets, the harder you have to work on keeping it clean. Doesn't seem fair, but that is the way it is.

The choice to have a clean sheet, or a dirty one, is yours. What will you choose?


Lucky Lady said...

my sheet is pretty clean but that made me think and I guess it could use a good washing

The Deity said...

i have a friend who underwent hypnosis to take care of her smoking habit. it was a great success and she enticed everyone to do the same.

me thinks, if we could get hypnosis to get rid of a bad habit like smoking, can it be done also for other mundane things that we tend to do on regular basis-- silly random things which eventually became a habit hard to kick.

can we all ever undergo hypnosis to clear out the spots in the sheet?

just wondering...

SandyCarlson said...

Interesting how our perspective changes as our outlook and attitude changes. I think I'll keep trying to do the best I can and hope the flaws are forgivable!

Happy BYB Sunday.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Counter point from Abraham Lincoln...

"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues."

Perhaps a few, small spots on the sheet make it more "real", less "synthetic".

Sue said...

Excellent post Neo!

Paulie said...

Good analogy!

stev said...

c) life is like a white sheet that gets painted with many wonderful colors (hopefully) =)

it all boils down to imho knowing where you heart & head is - and then just proceeding from there

"Life is like a box of pastels, you paint it the way you want it to be"

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