April 20, 2008

BYBS : 300

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When I started blogging, almost three years back, I had no idea of how long, or how much, I was going to blog. I had just heard about this great new thing called blogging and wanted to try my hands at it. For some reason, I had always wanted to write and blogging gave me the place to do it.

But even then, I was not sure how long I could continue. People who know me know that perseverance is hardly one of my strong points. Every now and then I have felt like ending this blog (though lately I have not wanted to do that), but the inspiring comments from all of you have kept me going. I am very thankful to all the visitors of the blog for that.

Over the last three years, I have started another couple of blogs, but this blog was my first, and just like the first kiss, or first love, I have a special place in my heart for this blog. So, I am going to keep this blog alive for as long as possible.

One of the things that motivates me (or any blogger, I think) to blog is numbers. Be it Page Rank, Alexa, Visitor count, Comment count - an increase in any one of them is a definite motivator to blog more and better. Today is another landmark for this blog, as this post is my 300th Post.

Hopefully, I can keep going till 500. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


Paulie said...

Congratulations on the blessing of making it to 300 blogs!

When I didn't hear from you last week, I thought maybe you had given up on us. Glad you are still here and I like the looks of this blog template.

SandyCarlson said...

The new looks is wonderful! You went from great to greater with this.

I think I first encountered your blog on Blog Explosion when I was a new blogger. Blog Your Blessings caught my eye as a wonderful way to share what's good and meaningful with others. As a regular writing prompt, "blessings" becomes a means of processing experience. In this way it's more than a blog prompt; it's a way of thinking. That's a tremendous contribution to what's good about blogging. You promote a positive outlook that is sincere and thoughtful.

So I've been blessed richly by your blog and this particular blogging project. God bless you.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

I'm beginning to realise that another necessary condition of "blogging" is the need to occasionally feel like chucking it all in and giving up... but never doing it. You're comparison to a first kiss (Ergo: First love) might be more apt than initial scrutiny shows!

I do like the new template... and I'm glad you're keeping "The Experience" around!

Sue said...

Congratulations Neo! I agree these milestones make us want to work on improving our blogging and that is a goodly thing :)

sasha said...

Hi Blue Panther! Congratulations on the 300th mark! I have the same sentiments. There are times when I thought I'd quit. But I guess, I just love blogging a lot and has treated it as a therapy to my everyday woes :)

I actually got to know about BYBS from Sandy's blog. I am really inspired by her posts and have always wanted to highlight something to be thankful for in my week.

Have a blessed week and congrats again! :)

CyberCelt said...

You have enriched the lives of many with your blogging, Neo.

I love the new look: clean, tailored, fresh and uncluttered.

Blue Panther said...

Paulie: Thanks for the wishes, and for liking the template!!!

...and you can rest assured that I am never going to give up! :o)

Sandy:Thanks for liking the template. Blog Your blessings has been a great help to me too.

Matthew: I can't agree with you more...thank you too for liking the new template.

Sue: Thank you!

Sasha: Thank you. Blogging is truly like a therapy...

CyberCelt: Thank you very much for your words.

storyteller said...

I discovered a BYBS logo at Penelope Anne's last week and did some exploring to find this blog. I've only been 'blogging' for about six months ...(on two blogs)... and your post 'resonates' with my own experiences.

I see 'times' but no 'dates' anywhere so I can't be sure how 'current' this post is, but I would like to join in this activity with others who Blog their Blessings. With that in mind, I've published today at Sacred Ruminations under after adding the links to a BYBS Blogroll there.

I look forward to visiting others to see what they're sharing ... so I hope you keep the site going indefinitely ;--)

Hugs and blessings,

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