August 24, 2008

BYBS : Resting and Relaxing!

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As I had mentioned in my last post, I had some exams in the week that just went by; the exams came and went, and I guess I did OK in them...The exact details of my performance will be known only after the results are out, which I hope happens as late as possible.

The brighter side of it was that I got a couple of days break, and I was able to come back to my home town (which I had begin to miss after staying away from it for more than a month and a half). I don't know If I have ever mentioned it on here, but I am a small town guy and big cities intimidate me. There is so much going on, that one hardly finds time to do what one wants to do. In other words, it is so easy to lose oneself in the crowd.

As we live our lives, we begin to participate in many activities - some willfully, and some because we have no other option. At some point we become so engrossed in our lives, and the activities associated with our lives, that we totally forget what, or who, we truly are. Usually, by the time we realise that we are lost, it is too late.

So, my blessing this week is a reminder that there is more to life than work and play. There is resting, and there is relaxing and there is that cooling time where one sits back and reflects on what one wants to do with his or her life. But, I guess, a word of warning is in order here : too much of resting and relaxing becomes laziness, and that should be avoided at all costs.


Paulie said...

Even God rested on the 7th day after He made the world! Yes, rest and relaxation is a definite blessing and one you well deserved! I guess you could say my blessing this week is related to yours in a way. I sure had fun relaxing and not thinking about computers and television or cleaning house, etc.

Whatever said...

A time of contemplation led to several major changes in my life once upon a time. This is in contrast to a more recent time when I had too much much time and that ended up being a very bad thing.

SandyCarlson said...

So true, Neo! I just spent a few days doing nothing before my return to work. Someone asked me if I felt guilty. "Not at all," I replied. The world does not end when we take a break. Yeesh!

Happy BYB Sunday.

Sue said...

We all need some R & R at times :) Its good for the soul :)

storyteller said...

I agree that it's good to REST when one is able, but that too much leisure isn't necessarily a good thing ... for methinks it's about BALANCE between rest and activity because both are essential.
Hugs and blessings,

stev said...

what? play isn't rest?! ohnoes!!


still very much agreed on the R&R which would do well to be prescribed to all

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