November 23, 2008

BYBS : Defeat

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This last week was pretty hectic. I had my exams, a couple of assignments and on top of of it all, I fell sick. The weekend, I thought, would bring some welcome relief but, boy, was I wrong or what.

We had a cricket match scheduled for Saturday evening, and despite my sickness I was looking forward to playing in it. I am no player of cricket, but you know when I go out to play, I want to do my best, and hopefully be the star performer of the match. I guess that is what we all want - even if we are playing a game after a long time, we want to excel in it. And when we don't, we are devastated.

This is exactly what happened to our team on Saturday. For a hundred different reasons, our team got hammered, and all our team members were depressed...big time. It won't come as huge surprise to those who know me that I was leading this depressed brigade from the front. Misery thrives in company, and anyone who saw us then could have seen live proof of that.

Somehow I managed to drag my heavy feet into my room. I lay down, and thought: what went wrong?

The answer came to me soon, with surprising clarity, and it was : "Nothing had gone wrong. Everything had happened just the way it was supposed to be."

We had not practiced. The other team had.

Why should we have won? I am sure the other team had wanted to win just as much as we did, and they had practiced more, and, perhaps, they even had better players. So, why should they have lost?

To cut a long blog post short, I went to sleep that night with a loss under my belt, but with the awareness of what I needed to do to hopefully have a better result the next time around.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


SandyCarlson said...

Great post! So true. I have a friend who says everything we have or have not done brings us exactly where we are. I guess this is what he means!

This reminds me to prepare for my job evaluation tomorrow. I will get straight to work.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Learning from defeat... well, learning in general is a blessing... but being able to take a negative and learn from it is a bigger blessing. Better luck next time on the pitch!

PERBS said...

Love when we realize our "lows" can also be a blessing! I finally have mine up and posted now also. Sometimes blogger is not a blessing to me! Hmmmmm, maybe it was one of my lows today in trying to get posted.

CyberCelt said...

Oh, the competitive spirit. It brings heartache to many. I am glad you have adjusted to the reality.
All the best to you this week and forever.

PERBS said...

I thought of you when I heard the news from India about unrest on the news and pray that it isn't where you are.

storyteller said...

Seeing everything as perfect is a blessing for sure.
Hugs and blessings,

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