November 16, 2008

BYBS : Reminders

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Before I begin this post, I would like to apologise to the new BYB members for not being able to add their blogs to the BYB BlogRoll. The BlogRolling site, that I use for the blogroll, has been down for the past few weeks, and it seems like they won't be up in a rush. Since, it is a free service, I can't really complain, but I thought I owed an explanation to all those who have joined BYB recently. As soon as the site is back up, I will add you to the blogroll.

Moving on to BYB...

A couple of weeks back, our class was scheduled to have a guest lecture by a renowned speaker. He was supposed to talk to us about "Time Management". The sceptic that I am, my first reaction was what could he tell us that we don't already know.

We all know how a lecture like that goes : There are 24 hours in a day for everyone, it's how you use them; Winners don't do different things, they do things differently; It's all about organizing and de-cluttering your life; Make lists; Remove your weaknesses, improve upon your strengths etc. etc.

The lecture, as expected, followed the predictable lines, and I was sitting in class, with a smug expression on my face, telling myself, and the guy next to me, "I told you so!"

But, somewhere during the course of the lecture, I realised that though I did know most of the things that the guy was telling us about, I did not actually implement many of those things in my life.

Then, the importance of what the speaker was doing dawned to me. He was reminding us of what we already knew, but had forgotten.

I think we all need such reminders in life. Life is a pretty long affair, and though 24 hours in a day may not sound like much, yet each day has 86,400 seconds in it. Every second has the capability to bring with it a new thought. And one wrong thought is all it takes for things to go wrong. On the other hand, to make things better, we have to constantly remember that every second is a gift, and we have to make the best use of the gift. I think this requires a conscious effort on our part, at least till the time this becomes a habit with us.

To help us do that, I think we need constant reminders from life otherwise we tend to get a bit complacent. People, like the guest speaker we had, are a great blessing because they are constantly reminding us of what a beautiful gift life is, and how we can make it even better.

Hope you have a great week ahead!


SandyCarlson said...

I think those reminders are very important, Neo. To be sure! I enjoyed your candid words about this presentation. I have often felt that way at such things.

Sue said...

Definitely words of wisdom :) Happy BYB Sunday! :)

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Interesting... do we "forget"... or do we simply not implement for dozens of "good reasons" and move on?

Neither is a good reason not to implement something beneficial in our lives, but I know with me, it's amazing how I can tell my daughters how to do things to help with their day-to-day lives that work well... but I myself don't use.

PERBS said...

And speaking of time, I better get in there and finish the quilt I had hoped to give away today. A photo will be up of it later in the day. My blessing is up tho.

No matter how wisely we think we use our time, we need these reminders to keep us on it!

storyteller said...

What a marvelous recognition on your part … and how thoughtful of you to pass it along to us. Thank you.
Hugs and blessings,

CyberCelt said...

I feel that if I learn one thing from a seminar, it was time well spent. It does help to be reminded because we tend to slip back into our slovenly ways. LOL

White Cranes said...

Sorry about the malfunction. Thanks for explaining, though. I had wondered what was happening. Glad to know my blogs will eventually show up.


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