February 1, 2009

BYBS : Rituals

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It is considered fashionable these days to debunk rituals. Everyone wants to do something new, and whatever has been continuing for ages is termed orthodox and conventional. I am no exception. Sometimes it comes naturally. Maybe it has something to do with the education system, which encourages us to challenge the existing system, and find our own way.

But, rituals have a meaning and significance. There is a reason that these rituals have been set up, and are followed by people over the generations.

Just the other day in class - on January 30 - someone interrupted the class, because he wanted us to hold a moment of silence and remember Mahatma Gandhi on his 61st martyrdom anniversary. I cannot explain how I felt at that moment because I do not really understand the concept behind holding a minute of silence. To say the least, I was skeptical.

But as we stood up, and were silent, something changed. Once again, I cannot really describe my feelings, but I can say that at the end of that one minute I felt grateful for it. A lot went through my mind in that one minute, and, at the end of the minute, I felt that every ritual has some meaning.

Before we debunk it, we should give it a try, and it may turn out to be a great blessing.

Have a great week ahead!


DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

As a historian, I always enjoy "traditions" and "rituals"... and try to consider their origins... and rarely have I found any "distasteful" enough to question it's existence... especially the "Minute of Silence"... which we have on November 11th at 11am... to remember those who died in war.

SandyCarlson said...

Absolutely. I think those minutes are amazing. They can bring us back to the significance of our own lives by thinking of those who have gone before.

You are right about rituals. Somehow respecting the old and being respectfully curious (or even skeptical) can help us rediscover their significance.

Vastu Chart said...

Good one.. Even I don't believe in all such things.. I hate to follow useless rituals for no reason.. But sometimes its worth.. I hate to do some things, but I have to do as family forces me to do so.. I feel good sometimes.. Not all the times.. might be because lack of trust and faith in all this...:(

Sue said...

There is also a great comfort to be found in traditions, and rituals, and that is a blessing :)

PERBS said...

Just came by to see if you had a new post up. . . I know I left a comment last week but don't see it either. :o(

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