March 11, 2009

Happy Holi!

Today is Holi - the festival of colours! It is celebrated almost all over India, and there are many stories that are associated with the origins of the festival. One of the more well-known stories can be found here.

On this day, people play with colors (if that was not obvious from the banner above). Everyone throws colours at others, or just rubs it on them. The end result makes for some interesting viewing.

As the joke goes, at the end of the day people have been known to bring back other's children because, under all that colour, they failed to recognise their own.

Jokes apart, like most other festivals, Holi, too, signifies the end of evil and beginning of good. The special significance of this festival is that on this day even enemies are supposed to forget their differences and play Holi with each other, and start a new relationship - preferably over a drink or two.

So, I will take this space to wish you all a Happy Holi! May all your enemies become your friends.

1 comment:

PERBS said...

Hope your celebration was wonderful and that you are very colorful now! I wish you 0 enemies and many friends.

I amback to blogging and hope you have a BYB post this week. Mine is up.

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