May 25, 2009

BYBS : All Things Simple

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There are so many things that make our lives simple, but, because they have always been there, we take them for granted. If we sit down to think and make a list of such things, the list could very well be endless. From the shoes we wear to the hats we don, everything is a blessing. One thing protects us from the stones and the thorns that might lie in our way. The other thing protects us from the harsh sun and the dust.

Whenever we need these things, we reach out and grab them. We never pause for one moment to think that maybe these things will not be there. For us these things have always been there, and will always be there. So, why be grateful for them?

But the fact is there are so many people out there who do not have access to even the most basic amenities of life. The much talked about and Oscar winning movie, Slum Dog Millionaire, became a spectacular success because of the way it depicted the life in the slums of Mumbai.

Though I can not comment on the authenticity of the life the movie depicts, it is safe to say that even if half of the things shown in the movie were true then a majority of humanity is living in conditions that can at best be described as sub-optimal.

So, this week I am thankful for all the simple things that I have always taken for granted, and which form an integral part of my life.

What is the one thing that is important to you, but you have always taken it for granted?


My Journey said...

Happy BYBS! The simple things in life are those we should cherish so this really is a lovely post. It brings out the fact that we should be appreciating each and every little simple thing of our existence. Thanks for the enjoyable read.

PERBS said...

You are so right! I am grateful to have hot water for a shower. . . I know there are homeless people who would enjoy a daily bath/shower. I sure do mine!

CyberCelt said...

i am afraid to say that most of what you saw in that movie is true. Last week, the homes those little girls lived in were torn down. They are now homeless, but whoever made the movie got what they wanted.

I am grateful for wildflowers that decorate the roadsides--without cultivation or fertilizer.

Nellie said...

NOT a simple thing but Freedom. I do not take it for granted. In years past I have but not any more, I am ever so grateful for those that in one way or another have given me the freedom I so enjoy.

Whatever said...

I don't think you wasted your time. I'm a big fan of doing vs. wishing I had done something. Furthermore, I don't think that knowledge is ever wasted.

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