July 5, 2009

BYBS :Coming Home

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"If you come home as happy as you leave, you have had a good vacation."

The above quote seems quite apt. Most of the time, when our vacation ends we are so weary that we are happy simply to have come back home. When we embark on any new adventure, our spirits are high and we just want to leave our homes behind. Our home is the last place we want to be at such times.

But, somewhere along the journey, we begin to miss home. There are so many memories - sweet and bitter - associated with our home, that we begin to crave for another chance to be back there. Sometimes, it is easy to come back home. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, it is not possible to do so. But, in either case, the knowledge that somewhere there is a home, that we can return to if everything goes wrong, fills us with hope and courage.

In the Lord of The Rings, Frodo and Sam thought about their homes back in the Shire whenever they felt their mission was doomed. This thought filled them with hope and lifted their spirits. This thought also gave them courage, as it made them want to fight till their end to save the Shire.

In our lives too, having a home to come back to makes life so much more easier. We can go about living our lives, taking risks, doing new things, knowing fully well that if all else fails us we have a home to come back to.


PERBS said...

But home is where the heart is and if no one lives at your old house, you can still be home because you have moved it with you in your heart.

Daisy said...

So I see you had a vacation indeed! I hope you had a good vacation! Or better yet, a Great one! ;-)

Here's my BYBS for this week...

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Great quote.

Here's a blessing:


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