July 28, 2009

BYBS: The Darkest Hour

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Like a plant that starts up in showers and sunshine and does not know which has best helped it to grow, it is difficult to say whether the hard things or the pleasant things did me the most good. ~ Lucy Larcom

I am posting this on a Tuesday, but since this post has to do with a blessing – although in a roundabout way – I am posting this under the BYB Sunday category.

Last week was another busy week for me during which I spent time with my parents, and a few family friends. We had something going on at home, and it took up most of the week. The week ended very well. But then, on Sunday, something happened that shouldn’t have happened, and was not expected to happen.

I can’t write in detail about the incident here, but it would be sufficient to say that the incident came like a dark cloud on the horizon of life.

For a while, I was sad and devastated. But, for some reason, I can’t stay in a sad state for a long time. I think it is only natural. No one can stay in one state of mind for any length of time. If you are happy today, you will be in a different mood tomorrow. If you are sad today, that will change too.

However, there is a huge difference between being happy and being sad. In a happy mood, it is easy to live in the present, and it is easy not to worry about the past, or the future.In a sad mood, one can’t live in the present, and one is forced to think of all the bad things that have happened in the past. Also, one looks toward the future with little hope of things getting any better. At the darkest hour, it seems that life is not worth living. Whatever direction we may look in, all we are able to see is despair.

However, even the darkest hour has to yield to light. Eventually, sadness has to take a backseat. And it doesn't take a lot to make that happen. All it takes is one happy thought; one happy memory.

The one thought makes us realize that things were not always bad. Since, they were not always bad, they will not always stay bad either. We consciously begin to think of why we are in a position that we are in at the moment, and what can be done to get out of that situation. We realize our mistakes and decide that we are not going to repeat them. We make a promise to ourselves to ensure that things improve. We know that they will because we will make sure that they do.

It is at this moment then that the dawn breaks.


PERBS said...

Good thinking! If we never experience these things, then we can't count our blessings. So, in a way, these times are a blessing in disguise.

Heart of a Ready Writer said...

Neat post.


Whatever said...

For me, remembering that there will be a dawn is the hard part.

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