July 12, 2009

BYBS : Food on the Plate

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One thing I have never been any good at is cooking. Trust me, I have tried, and more than once.

The first time was when I was quite young. My parents were out of town, and I thought it would be a good idea to cook something at home instead of going out to eat. So, out came the utensils, and the cutlery, and the vegetables. I had seen people cook before, and it never seemed like a big deal. But, as they say, the devil is in the details. The tomatoes were too soft to cut with a knife. The onions brought tears to the eyes. The garlic was all but forgotten. And there were so many kinds of spices in the box, that I was not sure what to use. Eventually, I put in a little bit of each.

At the end, what was cooked looked delicious. I invited my younger brother to eat, and with great love and care I filled our plates. The food looked good, and I felt sure that he was going to love it. I waited for him to take the first morsel in, and prepared myself for a pat on the back. But, to my dismay, his face turned green and he all but threw up. I tasted the food, and I realised what the phrase "looks can deceive" meant. The food, that looked so good, tasted bad, very bad. Too little salt, too many spices. However, to a mother, no baby is ugly. Morsel after morsel, I swallowed the food, with a smile on my face. I went to the extent of telling my brother, "What's the matter with you. This is delicious."

Seeing me eating the food with such poise and grace, he ventured to taste it again. The result was the same for him. He thought I had gone crazy.

After that, I did not attempt to cook for a really long time. But, when I tried again, the results were the same. Each time I got a little better, but never good enough to cook a whole meal by myself.

So, today, when I found myself alone and hungry, I thought to myself : what now?

Lucky for me, in the kitchen, I found the two minute Maggi noodles, and bread to go with it. Not a wholesome meal, but a meal nonetheless.

I know that canned food, and ready to eat foods are not the best kind of foods. But for some, like me, they can be a real blessing.


Nellie said...

All of us are not blessed with the talent of cooking. You write well.

PERBS said...

When you are hungry, almost anything tastes good. There is still time to learn to cook -- you are still young.

Kuanyin Moi said...

Don't they have pre-packaged salad mixes where ya live? This might be a good option for a non-cooker! :-)

Happy to be back posting again after a long absence. Waving at ya with aloha!

Daisy said...

Well cooking comes naturally for some, just like planting. Not everyone who places a seed on soil ends up with a plant or even a tree! As for cooking too. But it's always something one can learn to adapt to. I'm not a good cook myself ha! But I get through. And I agree with Nellie. You may not cook great but you write wonderfully! XoXoX

My BYBS post

ashkd said...

hehe..i completely sympathize with you.. i can feel it.. :-)

Jess Sikand said...

You were on the right track! Try again, use a recipe this time. The ability to cook for yourself is a sign of independence.

CyberCelt said...

neo-I have many recipes that are easy and cheap to make. What are your favorite foods?

SandyCarlson said...

I hear you. The kitchen and I have a touch-and-go relationship, too. And I am only too happy to reap the benefits of science in that room.

Heart of a Ready Writer said...

Making me hungry . . .



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