August 9, 2009

BYBS: Formalities

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Last week, we celebrated Raksha Bandhan, popularly known as Rakhi, in India. It is a festival that celebrates the strong ties between brothers and sisters.

Usually, it is a day where people visit their families, spend time together, eat dinner, etc. I am sure you get the picture, because this is what people do all over the world on major holidays.

We had gone to my maternal uncle's place, where a few other friends and relatives had gathered for dinner. During the course of conversation One of the guests made a remark. She said, "These days everything has become a mere formality. Relations, festivals, ties, everything. We do them because we have got used to doing them, and they must be done. They actually don't mean anything."

As you can imagine, this line of thought made everyone a little uncomfortable, and no one wanted to continue this discussion over the dinner table. However, I found it hard - and I am sure there must have been others like me - to push the thought out of my head.

Was what we did on all major festivals a mere formality without any meaning whatsoever? If one person felt that way, I am sure there must be others who feel the same way. And what if it is a mere formality? Should such practices be abandoned entirely?

These questions bothered me for a while, but, then, I think I found an answer.

Whether such occasions become a formality, or not, depends, to a great extent, on the state of mind we are in. If we are happy we look forward to such occasions where we can share our happiness with others. At such times, the question of these days being a mere formality doesn't even arise in our minds. If, however, we are under a cloud, we tend to think that these occasions don't mean a thing and we just have to suffer them as something that must be done. But, even under such circumstances, without our realising, being with friends and relatives helps lift our spirits to a great extent.

So, formality or not, these days that come in our lives at regular intervals are a great blessing and, like most blessings, we tend to underrate them, what say you?


PERBS said...

Well, these special days are great reminders that we should be honoring people daily. . . every day should be Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Grandparents Day etc. The trouble is, we are selfish beings and often forget to thank God daily for these people because they brought you into life, raised you and hopefully gave you the bringing up so you can carry on. BUT then there are some that say they were abused as children and can only show hate. Unfortunately sin takes over. Hopefully, the good in the world witll outshine the bad.

I think the relative was wrong tho. Surly some of those family members were there because thy love each other to want to share some of their precious time with them. Ü

Daisy said...

Aww I missed a few weeks of BYBS... But as I always am thankful for each day, let me add my BYBS posty for this week.

Hope you have a great week ahead!

SandyCarlson said...

I think it really does come down to attitude. And I do think we need these things as reminders of what is important.

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