August 16, 2009

BYBS : Smile

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I read something interesting the other day, and I have been trying to implement it in my life ever since to test it for authenticity.

What I was reading was a book on destructive emotions, and how to deal with them. By choice, or not, all of us are affected by destructive emotions - like anger, craving, and delusion - at some point of time or another. More often than not we also regret our decisions made under the influence of any one of these destructive emotions. The answer lies in waiting before acting; we have been gifted with enough powers to ensure that we make the right choices, but for some reason we choose to act in haste, and repent in leisure.

The chapter that caught my attention, however, talked about how we feel any emotion only after the chemical reaction for it has been initiated in the brain, mostly involuntarily. We never realise what emotion we are feeling, until it has already begun. Then, the book went on to take the example of a smile.

When we sense something pleasant, we smile. That's a natural involuntary reaction. Most of the times we smile without actually making an effort to do so. This much is common knowledge. The chapter, further, went on to say that the reverse is also possible i.e. if we fake a smile, it can cause a chemical reaction in our brain that is the same as when there is something good happening around us. In short, even if we fake a smile, we will feel like smiling in a few minutes.

I thought, isn't that a good way to feel better when we are felling...not so good. Have you ever felt something like this happen to you? If not, try it, and you just might agree with what that book said. I know I do.


PERBS said...

"repent in leisure" -- How very true! I have just never had anyone actually say that before. What a cncept!

Yes, a smile is definitely a blessing that is so easy to share with others! Sometimes, its worth a million dollars without even knowing it!

Sasha said...

I would like to think that I am slowly but surely can control my emotions now. I was a very impulsive person and would be controlled by my emotions. When I was angry, every one around me would feel the negative emotions as well. That's how I was. But now, when I feel like a negative emotion is about to surface, I think of something positive and I put a smile on my lips. It does work :)

Have a blessed week ahead!

SandyCarlson said...

I'll give this one a try!

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