November 16, 2006

The Devil Behind the wheel!!!

One activity that can be very pleasurable at times and most annoying at others is driving. Going on a drive is a favorite way for many people to relax and it comes high on the list of things to do on a romantic date. But driving is good as long as the road is wide, the scenery beautiful and traffic is at bare minimum As soon as the conditions become unfavorable driving becomes a nightmare.

Most of us, if not all, behave in a different way behind the wheel than we do in person. As soon as a person gets into the driving mode, his entire personality takes on a different hue. He is no more his usual self; he is a king, a lord who has to dominate and rule his domain. And if he sees someone trying to get past, it’s seen as trespassing and the choicest of abuses are hurled and there is every possible attempt to hold the trespasser in abeyance.

Many people, I have driven with, get a thrill out of not letting anyone overtake them. All hell breaks lose if someone even tries to do that. It is as if the entire life depends upon who stays ahead on the road. I sincerly wish and hope that none of you has to go through an experience like that where you are on a rollercoaster ride not knowing what might turn up and bang into you at the next curve.
Road rage is a not a very uncommon phenomenon and while behind the wheel, it is as if the devil takes hold of a person. The most innocuous mistake of another driver feels and looks likes the most terrible thing a person can do, and it is automatically assumed that the responsibility of punishing him verbally and. if possible, physically has fallen on us and if we don’t do that we fail in our duties.

Speeding is another thing that the car wants us to do. As long as the vehicle is not doing the best it can, there is no fun in driving, no zing at all. After all if we didn’t want to go fast, weren’t we better off walking. A car is made so that one can go as fast as the car can take him. This is the logic that most of us drive by, but it is for no reason that we have the adage : " Speed thrills, but kills'.

In short, driving is fun and it can be a great experience if everyone is as careful and polite on the road as they are off the road. And though we can’t change everyone but we can change ourselves and make someone else’s driving experience a pleasurable one. I mean who will forget a person who smiles at you and lets you overtake him, just like that. Will you?


Joshua Xalpharis said...

Driving can be like boxing for people who are too afraid to take a hit, yet thrilled at the chance of doing so.

Driving is a defensive sport, after all.

CyberCelt said...

I used to be that way. Then I took a defensive driving course and the instructor said, "Do you want somebody that you will never see again and do not know to be the cause of your death?"

I thought about it and have relaxed my driving. I choose the scenic drive versus the freeway. I let people out of parking lots and streets and generally just drive friendly.

In Texas, there have been some road rage killings, so I am glad I quit cutting people off, riding bumpers and honking when mad!

stev said...

personally would focus on driving with fuel economy & safety in mind. not that i'm an angel on the road myself ;)

also seems to me that (noticable majority) of women are very aggressive on the road?

when you mention not letting others overtake, referring to india in particular?

Bluepanther said...

@ joshua: Well put that way, it does sure seem like that.

@ cybercelt: That is a good question to ask oneself everytime you are behind the wheel. Also we should ask ourselves " Do we want to be the cause of eath of somebody that we dont know or will never see again?".

@stev: True. Fuel economy and safety should be a person's guiding light while driving.

No comments on the aggressiveness or the lack of it of women drivers.:)

Well I can say that about the Indian conditions with some confidence but I an sure it is the same around the world.

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