November 18, 2006

This weekend, I had to go out of town to help my brother with some things, and I had almost given up on this Sunday's ByB post. But as chance would have it, I got an opportunity to use a computer on my way back and in the little trip, I made, I realized something. It was something I had known all along, and all of us often hear it said time and again.

"There is a right time for everything"

I think many times, in our lives, we are striving for the wrong things at the wrong times. Sometimes we miss a chance and then we try to get it back, thus ignoring the chances that present has to offer. At other times we look too much into the future and again ignore the present. In both cases we end up getting hurt and frustrated with life. We all get opportunities in life, that we might miss sometimes, but to identify an opportunity and make use of it is a great blessing.

What this also means is that at times we have to let go of the past. If it is good then instead of resting on our laurels, we should consolidate what we have and go on to achieve more. If it has been bad then it is best to forget it, learn your lesson from it and move on.

For the greatest blessing ever is to be alive, to breathe, to move, to see a sun set, to see a child smile. The best things in life are free.


otilius said...

well said...

CyberCelt said...

Well, I am glad you were able to post. You are right, the best things in life are free.

My post is up:

Nicola said...

Great post - and so glad you found the moment.

stev said...

agreed that most of the best things in life are free (pardon the citybank pun) but as everyone knows, a little $ does make things more enjoyable ;)

totally agree that some things arent to be forced. that mistakes, pasts & wrongs are to be forgotten.

mine this week at Finding Peace

have a good week ahead there dude

Kuanyin said...

Aloha BP,
I'm probably always the LAST one up with my post on Sunday because I live in Hawaii! But I'm up now! :-)

Blessings...Kuanyin from Moonlight Becomes Me

Whatever said...

If you can let go of the past, then you have a great blessing indeed.

new illuminati said...

Aye, neo - be here now!

Bluepanther said...

@ otilius: Thank you!

@ cybercelt: I am glad too that I was able to post!

@ nicola : Thanks!

@ stev : There is a need for money in our world and that need cannot be denied either.

Bluepanther said...

@ kuanyin : Have a great week ahead!!!

@ Whatever :True, very true!

@ new illumanti : Thanks for visiting, keep coming back.

CyberCelt said...

Happy C&C Monday.

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