November 21, 2006

The Dying art of bathroom singing!

Has it been a tiring day and you need something to relax?


Do you have a busy day ahead and you want to be ready for it in the best possible way?

The best thing to do in both situations is have a nice hot bath or shower. And once inside the confines of the sanctuary that is your bathroom what better way to relax further than to hum or sing loudly your favorite song; you don’t know the lyrics, who cares, just make your own. They sound as good, if not better.

Bathroom singing is an art that is fast dying like all ancient arts. The reasons for it dying are not hard to find. The modern life and its ways are fast killing it.

First, the time spent in the bathroom is reduced by far. Gone are the times when you had nothing better to do but spend a good half hour in there for a long time just enjoying the bath. Now the world outside is calling, and everyone wants to spend as little time inside as possible. TV, Internet, cell phones are the new distractions, not to mention work.

Second, taking a bath has become so complicated. A different soap to wash your face, a different for the rest of your body, arms need to look good so a moisturizing soap for them, then a shampoo for the hair and then conditioner and what not. What happened to the good old times of: “One soap to wash them all, one soap to clean them”. One has to pay so much attention to all of the stuff inside the bathroom that singing does not even enter the calculations.

Thirdly, as cities have grown, there has come about a concept of apartment living which also to a great led to the further extinction of this art. Now when you sing in your bathroom, all the neighbors hear you and some might come complaining and sometimes you yourself might just shy out of singing. For bathroom singing is just for your ears only, if you wanted people to hear would you not be singing on stage.

Fourth, the sudden increase in the reality shows like American Idol, Indian Idol, Australian Idol, and the clones have taken our traditional bathroom singer to the television. Anyone who thought he was any good went out to audition and got told that he or she had potential and they should try next time. Now they think that bathroom singing will ruin it for them and they don’t do it any more.

Well be it as it may be, I am not going to let this art die, and as long as I am alive and taking a bath, you can pass by my bathroom window and hear me sing. Don’t worry if you don’t know the song. More likely than not, it is something that I just made up.


Perky said...

I can't help but feel how right you are - bathroom singing is an art that is fast dying...

Well perhaps you should start a club for bathroom singers. We might be the only 2 members, but hey, at least we prevented it from dying huh? ;) hehehe.

Keep on singing!
Here via BlogExplosion. said...

I always get my best ideas when I'm in the shower, which leaves little time for singing.
Use a shower filter if you don't have one already. Especially if you're showering in HOT water. If you go to my website, you'll find an article with more info there. Scary stuff!

Anita said...

Dying art? You need to hook up a microphone in my bathroom, there's always singing there!

kraven said...

lol. bathroom singing.. classic!!!

Just some cool finds

Bluepanther said...

@ perky: A club, not a bad idea at all.

@ skincareteacher: most of us get our best ideas in the shower, singing only helps the thinking process.

@ Anita: Good to hear that!!!

stev said...

i would sing too... but that would possibly cause permanent ear damage to myself :P

still dont let that stop you... happy singing!

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