September 9, 2007

BYBS - Desire

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Desire is one word that is, more often than not, used with a negative connotation. All, sin , they say, is a result of our desires. While I will not try to find anything wrong with what they say, I will say that desire is not altogether a bad thing, and that without having any desires we are as good as dead.

Desire is a prerequisite to being alive. Every thing we do is a result of a desire that forces us to do the deed. And all of our deeds are not bad. In fact I will be bold enough to say that most of our actions are for the better - ours and the world's. And in that sense desire, in stead of being a curse, becomes a blessing.

For me, my desires are a great blessing. For example, this blog is itself a result of my desire to put my thoughts into writing. If not for that desire, this blog would have never happened. And though I can not say that I am doing any good with this blog, I can safely say that I am not doing anything bad. Similarly, I can quote many examples from my life, and from the lives of people I know, where desire has led them to some action and this action, in turn, has helped them lead a better life.

Of course, desire is a two edged sword and if not held properly it can create monsters. Yet, that is no reason to condemn it, and blame it when it is us, ourselves, who let desire control us instead of it being the other way round. If our desires are focused on our actions, and what is demanded of us, rather than on what we can get we are sure to act in a manner that results in a better life for oneself, for one's family and for the whole world in general. After all, it was the desire to establish peace, equality, harmony and goodwill across the world that created people like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa etc.

Wishing and hoping that everyone has a great week ahead!


MsDemmie said...

Happy BYB Sunday.

Sandy Carlson said...

So true! Too much of anything is poison, they say. Desire and passion have gotten a bum rap over the years, perhaps because of the shape they take in public figures. They are beautiful drives though. Your post is proof of that, to be sure.

Happy BYB Sunday.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...


Desire - Motivator - Dream - Purpose

It's a VERY thin line that separates those words...

CyberCelt said...

If we lose our passion and desires, we are but shadows of ourselves.

You do great good with your blog, Neo. Without you, this group of bloggers would not be Blogging their Blessings each Sunday. I would have missed the opportunity to read some special posts each week.

I have met some wonderful bloggers on this list and I look forward to Sunday mornings. This is the church in which I worship.

God bless.

Blue Panther said...

Msdemmie: Thank you and same to you!

Sandy: Happy BYB Sunday to you too!

Doubledeckerbusguy: True, indeed!

Cybercelt: Thank you for your words! Every Sunday I ,too, look forward to reading some great posts on the blogs on the BYB list.

Paulo Sempre said...



Sue said...

Happy BYB Sunday - great post!

Anonymous said...

Very true words...Desire is what keeps us going else life would have become meaningless...Nice post!

rohit said...

Our existence is also result of some desire whuch we can't know, realize n follow...

Blue Panther said...

Paulo: Thank you!

Sue: Thank you! Hope you have a great week ahead.

Kalyan: Thank you for taking the time to read the post and comment!

Rohit: I agree!

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