October 13, 2007

Where fiction meets fact

As I said in my last BYB post, I love to watch movies. If I can find the time to go to the cinema hall to watch one, I do, but if time is in short supply, as happens often, I usually end up watching a movie on TV. Now, sometimes it happens that there is no good movie on TV either, and I end up surfing channels to find something interesting to watch.

After surfing mindlessly for a few minutes, I, more often than not, end up watching one sitcom or the other. While my all time favorite would be F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I can watch pretty much any sitcom as long as it does not use vulgarity or obscenity as the sole source of humor. In fact, I can say the same about blogs. I love a good humor blog but if there is a lot of reliance on sex as a source of humor, I tend to ignore the blog.

Talking about sitcoms, another one that I think is funny and I am sure most of you will agree with me-is Seinfeld. So, when I came across the picture alongside on New York Nitty-Gritty blog, I thought it looked familiar. All I had to do was read the words that accompanied the picture, and I realized it was a picture of the coffee shop that is a favorite haunt of Jerry, Kramer, George and Elaine in the show "Seinfeld".

Isn't it a strange feeling to know that something you thought only existed as a piece of fiction actually exists? For me, the first time it happened was when I came to know that 221 Baker street (the house where Sherlock Holmes supposedly lived) is actually a address in London. If ever I go to London that will one of the first places I visit.

Do you have some such place that you came across in some piece of fiction, and later found out that the place exists for real? If yes, have you visited the place or do you intend to?


Sandy Carlson said...

Sure do, Neo! Though it's not fictional....I have an Irish ancestor named Sam Mills who left Ireland after the Great Hunger. He came to the US with his three daughters. Every month he received a check from some Dublin solicitors. He received this payment on condition that he not return to Ireland. The offices of this law firm were on D'Olier Street. One day in Dublin, I tripped over a paving stone, looked up on my way down, and noticed I was on that very street. I was looking at the law offices!

Suzi said...

I find that interesting, too, especially when I sort of wander into someplace that looks familiar, though I've never been there. Last summer my daughter and I just happened by Miami Ink without realizing where we were. So cool when that happens!

By the way, don't visit my blog. It's all about tampons and vaginas today. You'd hate it.

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