February 27, 2008

Getting an Award!

I was watching the repeat telecast of The Oscar Awards ceremony on TV yesterday as I had missed the live telecast earlier (it was on quite early in the morning, here in India). There is something about the Oscar Awards ceremony that I really like.

It could be the grand scale at which the event is organised, or it could be the wit and the humour in the lines of the host and the various presenters, or it could be the performance of the various artists, or it could be the various montages that are on show at the ceremony.

But, I think, more than all of the above, what I like most is watching the reaction of the winners. It is not just the Oscars; watching the reaction of a winner of any event - big, or small - is always satisfying.

I am sure most people who win the big awards, like the Oscars, have spent hours practising their winner's speech. But, even then, there is that one moment on stage when the guard gets lowered and the true emotions are expressed by the award receiver. However small that moment might be, it is worth watching!

In some ways, watching an awards ceremony is quite motivating. When you have a dream, there are times when the dream seems distant and it seems easier to let go than to keep pursuing it. Watch someone getting an award and you know that some dreams do come true. Of course not all dreams come true, but there is no reason why yours won't. Right?

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