October 7, 2006

Lucky or Unlucky?

It was a beautiful morning, but Kabir’s heart was gloomy. It is strange how a beautiful morning makes a heavy heart grow heavier; the brightness of the morning mocks the darkness in the heart and the mind of a person. Some of the darkest deeds, it is said, have been done on the brightest of mornings.

Kabir went out about his daily routine like a machine, without thinking. His mind was bent on that one thought, and whatever he might think or say, it would return to that overpowering thought.

9 AM found him in his car driving to work. He made himself pay attention to the driving, but his mind was wandering.

“Look out!!” he heard his brother cry.

There was a car right in front of him and he applied the brakes with all his might and swerved to the left, but he couldn’t escape grazing the other car’s bumper. Yet he felt a sigh of relief as the sound of the two cars touching each other told him that it could not be anything serious. But before he had time to relax he realized that his car was still moving and heading for the solid steel fence. He swerved frantically to the right, but in spite of his best efforts he couldn’t help running into the fence, but the car had almost come to a stop, so no one was hurt.

He got out of the car, ready to bear the wrath of the owner of the other car because in his absent-minded state he had strayed a bit on to the wrong lane. Already he could see a crowd gathering and giving him mean looks. He had heard about crowds beating up drivers who were at fault and he didn’t know what to expect, until the other car’s driver, also assessing the situation, whispered gently in Kabir’s ears:

“ You better move along. Its okay what happened, just be careful”

As Kabir drove away he wasn’t able to decide whether he was having a good day or a bad one.

We all have our good days and bad days, but for some reason its the bad days that stay in our memories and the good days are forgotten or taken for granted. We dont forget to blame our luck or abuse a person who irritates us, but we forget to thank someone who helps us. Thanking someone is important, even if it is for doing something what was his/her job.

In our everyday life we hear about many bad things happening. Murder, rape, burglaries make the headlines while a good deed done is buried in the fineprint. I think it is time that something was done about it. Blogs have recently gained popularity all over the world and have truly been able to break the international barriers. So let us use this powerful media to spread the good word. Every Sunday from now on will be __________ Sunday.(Fill in the blank with BB (Be BLessed), CYB ( Count your blessings) or BYB (Blog Your Blessings), The name that will be voted for by most people will eventually be chosen for the Sunday, so leave a comment about what you think it should be called.)

On every Sunday we remember one or more things or person from the last week that made us feel good about being alive. Not only will this help us realize that the world is not really as bad a place as it is made out to be, but also it will be a motivator to us to do good,because one man can make a difference.


otilius said...

good story...

Anonymous said...

Terrific idea! It is true that we often forget who and what to be thankful for. :)

CyberCelt said...

I like Blog Your Blessing. You could have a blog roll and a graphic that people could post and get linking going on. Or not ...

Its a good idea!

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