March 10, 2010

Today is a "Present"

Life has a way of continuously making us realise things. Most of the times, we are already aware of these things, but we conveniently choose to ignore them, until they come to stare us right in the face.

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk, writing something, and all of a sudden I found myself searching for a word. A word that I could faintly recognize on the horizon, but couldn't clearly make out. It was a weird feeling. Quite like a dream, where you are being attacked and you want to scream, or hit back, or do anything at all, but you simply can't.

It was not the first time something like that had happened to me, and I am sure it must have happened to all of you too, when there is a word on the "tip of your tongue"  but you just can't get it out. But, somehow, this time it felt different. It was as if I had lost an ability, a gift. I have always thought of words as something I could bank upon. When everything else would fail me, I was sure I could count on words. It seemed like I had lost one of my most trusted allies.
It was a scary feeling, and one that almost made me break out in cold sweat. What would I do if I lost the ability to write? Or, for that matter, what if I lost any ability that I have got so used to that I have begun to take it for granted. For example, what if I am not able to walk when I wake up tomorrow. It may sound implausible now, but going by the lifestyle we have come to adopt these days, we are prone to quite a few maladies that can severely hamper our lives.

So, in a matter of a few minutes my mind turned from a calm, serene ocean, into a whirlpool of unpleasant, scary emotions. There was no way I could get myself to do anything until I had dealt with these thoughts, once and for all.

The future, as they say, is uncertain and even the best laid plans can fail. This makes worrying about the future a futile exercise.

Que Sera Sera- What will be, will be.

Therefore instead of worrying about the future, it would serve our interests well, if we do whatever can be done today making the best use of all our faculties while we still are the masters of them. Tomorrow they may be there, or they might not, but we have them  today, and we should make the best use of them. As they say, "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift. That is why it is called the Present."

With those thoughts, and a calm mind, I abandoned my search for the right word, and finished what I was writing using the words that I could come up with. After all they were what I had at that point in time, and I had to make the best use of them.

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WritingsForLife said...

well said. I think I needed to read something like this :-).

Nice blog :-)

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